First and foremost, turn off the computer immediately or at the least disconnect the keyboard from the computer

Into the life of every cleaning business owner, a little extra, helpful knowledge will fall.

Well, not exactly as poetic as it could be, but the point is you never know when some little trick of the cleaning service trade might help you land that all important office cleaning contract.

Take this scenario for instance.

Late at night, the deadline looms. Bleary-eyed, the dedicated office worker labors over their computer, putting the finishing touches on a special project due in the morning.

Then the absolute worst happens. In an attempt to keep awake, the dedicated person has grabbed a forbidden soda or cup of coffee and put it on their desk next to their computer screen (gasp!). An unguarded gesture, a run-away elbow, and the soda or coffee winds up spilling all over the keyboard.

Oh my—

First and foremost, advise the person to turn off the computer immediately. Or at the least disconnect the keyboard from the computer. Next, quickly flip the keyboard over and shake it above a neutral surface, like an empty table or countertop, to clear the keyboard of as much liquid as possible.

While the keyboard is still upside down, press a clean cloth or a pad of paper towels on the affected area to absorb yet more liquid. If possible, moisten a cotton ball or the tip of a clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol and run it over the affected area to help dry up any remaining liquid. Inform the person that it’s important to leave the keyboard upside down to dry completely—at least 12 hours—before turning it back on.

Assure the dedicated worker and your client—who, by the way, does not have tech person—if they follow these simple steps, they stand a good chance of saving the keyboard. Because as a wise sage once said, liquid spilled on a keyboard isn’t always fatal, to the keyboard and hopefully, the person who tried to drown it.