The very best vacuum for your pet hair.

I have always struggled to keep my home clean from pet hair because of my precious little fluffy dog. He always love to play in the living room and leave his little fluffy hair all around the house.

My biggest problem is that pet hair are very difficult to clean, let alone find those strands of hair in the rug. Eager to solve my little problem, I did some very in-depth research from customer reviews and consumer reports for finding the very best vacuum for pet hair that can deliver.

Here’s what I found in my quest to find the ultimate vacuum cleaner that can handle different kinds of pet hair around the house:

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Dual-Cyclonic Upright Vacuum

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Dual-Cyclonic Upright Vacuum is a one of the best examples why Bissell has always been a trusted name among the different brands of vacuum cleaners. For $122.99, you can definitely get the pet hair vacuum cleaner worth every penny.

Other vacuum cleaners will tell you how good they can clean out pet hair, the Bissell pet hair vacuum on the other hand will show you how easy they can erase it! This vacuum has the cyclonic technology allowing it to clean a certain area once with twice as much power.

This technology paired with the special brushes designed by Bissell makes cleaning any surface or material easy. No matter how thick your carpets may be, the Bissell pet hair vacuum will definitely seep through reaching into these tight spaces. Now you won’t have to lift the carpets or undo the upholstery.

And what about doing more in only a matter of minutes? The Bissell pet hair vacuum can allow for easy rotation and has more coverage. It can collect dirt as far as 1ft. from the nozzle. It cleans up the area before you can even get there! Pet owners will surely love this Bissell vacuum.

LG Kompressor LuV200r Pet Care Upright Vacuum

Thinking about going retro? Then the LG Kompressor LuV200r Pet Care Upright Vacuum can just be the stylish vacuum for you. But this LG pet hair offers you more than just looks, there are so many features that pet owners will really love. Knowing how reliable LG products are, there’s no doubt that this vacuum cleaner will make Life Good for their buyers.

This LG pet hair vacuum has a systematic way to work so it can clean effectively. It comes with a brush for the pet hairs. The vacuum cleans out the hairs first and leaving the dust and dirt to be vacuumed using the regular settings of the vacuum. It can clean out 99.97% of dust, mites, and pollen which lessens the need for sterilizing the floor after vacuuming it.

One of the first things that people may notice from the LG pet hair vacuum is how heavy it is. This vacuum is heavy because it is durable. Don’t be fooled by its weight though, this LG vacuum is also known for having the longest retractable cord for more mobility enabling you clean the hard to reach places without even thinking about the weight of the vacuum.

The environment was also one of the concerns of LG when they designed this pet hair vacuum. Instead of vacuum bags, this vacuum uses the dirt cup which can collect three times more dirt than other dirt cups. No more vacuum bags to dispose and change, less trash less cash spent! Pet owners can have this vacuum for only $194.00.

Eureka Purple Pet Expert Upright

Going for a pet hair vacuum with all the needed features for a more affordable price? A vacuum that was designed not only for pet hair but for the convenience of the pet owners as well – this is the Eureka Purple Pet Expert Upright. You can purchase this very versatile pet hair vacuum for only $99.99!

Expert is definitely the word to define this Eureka pet hair vacuum. Every component of this vacuum have specialized functions that will help pet owners to understand how the vacuum works. It has a turbo brush, the Pet Paw Power that collects hair from carpets and upholstery which are usually the places that are difficult to clean pet hair.

This brush has three major parts working for it. First its plastic teeth loosen the pet hair, then the hair is gathered by the rubber strips, and the bristles of the brush remove the hair completely! The brush is made to work even better because it is supported by the Eureka’s Whirlwind Cyclonic system which separates pet hair from the dust to maintain the best airflow.

But the Eureka pet hair vacuum doesn’t stop there! After effectively cleaning out the hair, it also cleans out another element which pet owners really hate – the odor! The vacuum has a charcoal filter that absorbs the odor that the pet hairs carry. Now you won’t just see how well the vacuum cleans it, you’ll definitely smell it too!

All the hair, dirt, odor, even allergens are collected in the Flip-bottom Dust Cup. The Comfort-Grip Oval Handle allows pet owners to conveniently handle this purple Eureka pet hair vacuum with style!

Sometimes we cannot easily notice dirt and so we end up “missing a spot”. Specs of dirt can eventually accumulate into a bigger mass of dirt that will be even more difficult to clean. So, how would you like a vacuum cleaner that not only cleans the dirt for you but also identifies it as well?

Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum

The Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum is equipped with a red light indicator that lights up telling you that that area needs to be cleaned more. The Hoover pet hair vacuum has also a unique way to clean. Its motorized brush roll actually attracts dirt.

This vacuum comes with different detachable brushes so you can also use it as a regular vacuum cleaner. It has the HEPA filters that effectively collect all sorts of dirt. All these are found in one weightless and easy to navigate Hoover vacuum for only $194.80.

Now that you’ve been given an idea of how and what pet hair vacuums have to make them work, making the choice for the right pet hair vacuum is a lot easier isn’t it? Investing your money on a good vacuum will surely serve you for more than what you’ve paid for.