Breville-800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

Breville juicer elite is one of the most popular juicers in the market these days. It’s not only because people are getting conscious with their health and one of the best foods the body need is a nutritious and refreshing drink found in fruit and vegetable extracts but also because it’s one of a kind and extremely simple to use. Breville juicer can easily and conveniently fulfill all of juicing needs due to its extensive functionalities.

Breville fruit and orange juicer models are all very simple and easy to use and users love them for it. They come in different designs and built with different features and descriptions. If you need to conserve counter space, there is one model that would suit you best. This is the Breville Juice Fountain Compact (Model BJE200XL). This model packs all the punch that many juice enthusiast need from a Breville juicer. It’s also quite compact and comes in a smaller case which helps conserve countertop space.

This Breville juicer model is also very powerful, it has 700-watt motor, 14000 rpm spinning, extracts an 8-ounce glass of juice in only 5 seconds. Now this is good when it comes to fruit and vegetable juicers. It makes 1.5 quarts of delicious and refreshing juice in no time. I have talked to many juice fanatics and they all say that the hardest part of juicing is to clean up the juicer afterwards. This juicer is extremely easily to clean. The body of this Breville juicer model has an easy-to-clean internal pulp container that is so simple to assemble and dismantle for safe dishwashing. It has a stainless steel micromesh filter and a dual centered knife system that grinds fruits and vegetables into tiny particles for a speedy and maximum yield. The 3-inch extra large feed chute accommodates whole fruits and vegetables for quick juicing. What makes this Breville Juicer increase its yield by 30% and makes 10 times faster than any other brands is the patented stabilizing knife which centers the fruits or veggies over the cutter and the filter. Added to this is a custom cleaning brush for easy cleaning of food traps. It also has an internal pulp collector for a non-messy juice extraction.

People around the world are getting conscious about their health and one of the best contributions to a sound and good body condition is a healthy and refreshing fruit and vegetable drink. Breville Juicer can provide all the convenient and easy preparation of juice in so short a time. Breville Juicer must be a very important kitchen partner in every home.