Driveway lighting is a very effective way of dramatically changing the look of your home

As much as we all would love to have the garden and outdoor living areas we see in magazines, the reality is that it is just not affordable for most people. The cost of living and entertainment takes a priority over home renovations for most people. It may be worth considering however that small additions can be made to improve the look of your outdoor areas, even on a budget.

Even if it takes a few weeks or months of saving a little to get you started, the rewards you’ll see in improvements to your home will be worth it. Driveway lighting is a very effective way of dramatically changing the look of your home. It can also be a surprisingly affordable too.

A great place to start looking is discount or dollar stores. They often have small outdoor lights you can buy individually at very low prices. While they may not last a lifetime they will certainly serve their purpose until you wish to upgrade. Second hand stores may not have the widest ranges but if you find something you like you’ll be sure to secure a bargain. Hardware stores offer fantastic ranges of driveway and outdoor lighting options. Most tastes and budgets can be catered to in hardware stores. Perhaps if you have friends, family or neighbors who are upgrading their driveway lights, you may be able to get their old ones for free if you ask nicely!

While the powering of driveway and outdoor lighting can be an additional and ongoing cost, those on a budget should be looking for solar lighting options. These are no more expensive to buy and once installed or placed outside they have no maintenance costs. Solar panels charge in the sun during the day to provide lighting during the night. The light is usually not as powerful as alternative lighting but often provides a more subtle ambient look.

Trying to mirror the layout or design of a neighbor or a picture in a magazine can often be expensive. Use your imagination and plan ways that minimal lighting can have a maximum effect. Sometimes a stylish single lamp near your letterbox at your driveway entrance can look better than having the entire driveway lined with budget lamps. Perhaps a few lights highlighting beautiful plants along your driveway would be more effective than being placed where there are no plants.

Choosing the right kind of driveway lighting on a budget is actually quite an easy task. Remember simple is often better and work on highlighting the existing aesthetics of your garden or driveway, and don’t forget the money saving benefits of solar power!