The Dirt Devil Scorpion makes everyday messes super easy to pick up

Picking up dirt and dust has never been easier with the Dirt Devil Scorpion hand held vacuum. This cordless vac can reach the dirt that is in all the tight, hard to reach places of the home, office, or car. Since it comes with a quick flipping crevice attachment, it allows one the ability to capture dirt in corners and along the edges. Below are various features of Dirt Devil handheld vacuums, particularly Scorpion vacuum cleaner.

– Motor: has 7amps, powerful and capable of picking up dust and dirt other hand vacs cannot reach
– 16ft. power cord
– Quick Flip crevice tool: reaches tight spaces
– Includes other attachments: hose and dusting brush
– Does not require a bag, which makes cleaning much easier
– Lightweight
– Strong plastic case that is durable

With a powerful motor, attachments, and requiring no bag, the Dirt Devil Scorpion makes everyday messes super easy to pick up. From the car to the house, this hand held vac has a 16 foot cord that can reach any dirt in it’s path. It can even pick small rocks and sand that other vacs just can seem to suck up. Also, it’s durable casing is made from a hard plastic that can stand up to almost any cleaning job.

Because this hand held vac is lightweight and easy to handle, using it is actually very comfortable. All debris and dirt is collected in large cup that is removable, requires no bag. Some other advantages of purchasing the Dirt Devil Scorpion is the on/off switch that is within a fingertips reach and a flexible hose for easy maneuvering. The Dirt Devil Scorpion hand vac cleaner measures 16 in. x 5 in. x 4 in., and is the perfect hand vac for cleaning hard to reach areas that get dirty or dusty.