Cellular Cordless Shades

Window shades are available in various styles, patterns and designs. They can come in different colors and sizes to suit your window and the interior decoration of your room. They can be pleats or blinds, fabric sheets, or drapes; you can style them, you can leave them as they are, you can do a lot with their design to make your windows, and your room, look great.

When you are buying window shades, you should not stop at picking the right look and the right sun screening capabilities. One major aspect of window shades that you have to consider, especially if you have small children or pets in your house, is the safety level of the shades. When you are buying window shades it is always a good idea to go for cordless ones for simple reasons of safety.

The Disadvantages of Window Shades with Cords

The problem with window shades that are operated with the help of cords is that they have a long piece of cord hanging loosely from the top of the shades. This can be a source of great temptation for your toddler – or your pet kitten. While trying to play with this bit of dangling string, they may easily hurt themselves very badly. Cords, as we all know, are very dangerous for children and pets. Even if your child or your pet manages to escape the dangers that a hanging cord brings to the house, your windows and window shades may be quite prone to accidents.

While pulling or pushing the cord, the child or the pet might apply to much pressure in a wrong direction and bring the shades crashing down – or mess up the working mechanism of the window shades. Moreover, shades that are operated by pulling down and letting up a cord lose their functionality very soon. The mechanism stops working smoothly if the cord is pulled in the wrong direction – or pulled with too much strength.

The Advantages of Cordless Shades

Cordless shades are extremely easy to operate. You can easily roll and unroll the shades with the help of two bars attached to the top and bottom. Some shades come with triangular pieces of thick material that act as handles. These shades are very effective at staying in position, unlike cordless shades which may lose their smoothness of operation over time. Cordless shades are extremely safe to use because they have no hanging cords that can harm your children or your pets.