These power tools are used by residential contractors and also for commercial building construction firms.

If you’re interested in buying a new cordless drill you should consider purchasing a model made by DeWalt. DeWalt Cordless Drills come in various power options, and can handle a wide variety of different DeWalt drill bits.

The DeWalt company is a very popular maker for cordless electric power drills. These power tools are used by  residential contractors and also for commercial building construction firms. There are many different types of DeWalt cordless models. The larger models will come with a 1/2 inch chuck. Most models will have two speed variable DC motor. They all use a very rugged high-impact ABS plastic which can resist accidental falls or bumps.

If your budget allows, make sure that you buy the 18v electric battery version, instead of the 14 V DC rechargeable battery. This will make sure that you have enough energy to rechargeable batteries to last for the entire day. People working outside temperatures of less than 40° during wintertime will notice that the battery life will dramatically be shorter. If you want to extend the life of your battery a good idea is to keep your drill insulated from the cold outside air temperature.

Some of the home DIY projects which require the use of cordless electric drill may include hanging picture frames, installing kitchen faucet hardware, and assembling furniture such as bookshelves. Many people also began buying cordless drills because of popular television shows which encourage home DIY improvement projects.

Popular drill bits are coated with titanium for tungsten carbide. Cheaper drill bits are usually coated with black oxide material. The purpose of reporting is to reduce the amount of heat and friction .It is important that you move that would reduce the amount of the friction caused during the process in order to extend the life of your drill bits.