One of the most popular areas in your home to "go green" with is the kitchen

There are many people that can’t afford to hire a green interior designer to help them make sustainable living choices when it comes to interior design. However, with so many great resources online and books available in bookstores these days, most anyone can create a beautiful interior design that is environmentally friendly with sustainable products. But what are some of the most common and easiest ways to create a sustainable home design?

One of the most popular areas in your home to “go green” with is the kitchen. With so many different activities and living in the kitchen, this is often a popular area to focus on. There are many great products and resources to assist you in this area, however there are a few key products and choices you can make yourself.

First, what type of flooring are you considering for the kitchen? Most people like hardwood or tile, however the costs and environmental impact of these products can sometimes turn people away from using them. There is a growing trend to use cork or bamboo flooring due to the lessened environmental impact that these products have. With the rapid growth of bamboo, it makes a great product to use for flooring. Since it is installed and maintained just like hardwood, it can add a truly unique look to your kitchen.

The next area that people consider is the cabinetry that will be installed. There are lots of different ways to find quality cabinets. One way to save the environment with your cabinets is to use and install recycled cabinets. Whether they come from an old home or business, you can often clean them up or repaint them to get the look that you are wanting to achieve.

Another option in most kitchens, if size will allow, is to have an island. In order to save some money, people are turning to antiques in this area and using old tables, butcher block cabinets from old restaurants or using stainless steel prep tables from out of business eating establishments. There are a lot of great products that you can find for pennies on the dollar to their original cost by checking antique stores or auctions in your area.

Now that you have some thoughts about the cabinets and flooring options, the counters are next. Everyone loves the look of natural granite or other solid surface counters in the kitchen. With the durability and resilience of the counters, sometimes the cost isn’t affordable for the kitchen remodel that you are wanting. So, there is a growing trend to turn to custom concrete counters. Using concrete for the counters is a great way to save the environment and the ability to stain the concrete or add other textures or products to the counters is a great alternative.

There are many different things that you can do in your kitchen to go green. You can find more information in numerous places online, with some great books that are solely focused on green kitchen design and products and also local conferences and trade shows that focus on sustainable living products and solutions. The one key thing to remember is to set a budget and accomplish what you can afford.