Lawn aerating might be necessitated in order soften the compacted soil

Some people consider lawn aerating to be one of those ideas that are grossly over hyped but really lawn aeration is very helpful to most lawns. With clay or mountainous soils lawn aeration should be done once a year. With most other type of lawns aeration should be done once every 3-5 years.

Lawn aerating is the basic process of supplying oxygen, and water direct access to the root system where it can be readily absorbed into the plant and used for grow and development. The benefit of aeration can be found in the fact that the drainage of the soil is improved by aerating lawn.

The need for lawn aeration arises from some problems associated with lawns. See, there is something known as a lawn thatch, which acts like a thatch over a mud house, preventing aeration and free movement of water to and from the lawn. The lawn thatch is derived from dead substances on the soil surface. Sometimes, lawn aerating might be necessitated in order soften the compacted soil. A compacted soil makes it really hard for the roots of the lawn grasses to grow freely and push through soil particles.

When considering lawn aerating, one should note that there are essentially two kinds of lawn aerators to select from. They are the core and the spike aerators. They each have their benefits and their area of specialization for a given lawn situation.

Also, based on the mode of operation of the lawn aerators, there may be powered and manual kinds of aerators. The powered ones are useful for large areas of land so that lawn aeration can be done in a faster way. The manual lawn aerator is good when one is working on small lawn sizes at a time. However, when comparing them, the manual lawn aerator is easier to use than the powered one.