Patio lanterns can also give your area charm, sophistication, and character

Patio lanterns can turn an area used in the daytime to an area that can be used during the dark of night when the rest of your neighbors are asleep. Not that you want to annoy the neighbors around the clock, but there is something to be said for sitting outside in the cool air of the early morning and not being blinded by the dark. Patio lanterns can also give your area charm, sophistication, and character.

Budget and Activities

Before purchasing your lanterns, decide the limit of your budget and what activities will take place on your lighted patio. These two elements will help determine the number and location of lanterns. If the lanterns are moveable, you will have the ability to move the lanterns around to fit the occasion and size of the crowd. Be sure to check with your local planning, zoning, and building department to check for regulations and inspections that may govern your planned patio lanterns. Knowing what you are allowed and not allowed to do under the local law may influence the type of patio lanterns you choose.

Electric-Powered Lanterns

Lanterns come in all types, varieties, sizes, colors, and brightness factors. Lanterns can be temporary or permanent installed. The cost of patio lanterns varies considerably; they can be economically reasonable or ridiculously expensive. It is up to you and your budget to decide how much to spend on your patio lanterns. One other consideration is the electric and lighting installation cost. If you want to install electric lights, a professional electrician may need to do the work, especially if inspections and obtaining certificates of compliance are involved.

Propane-Powered Lanterns

In addition to electric patio lights, lanterns can also be propane powered. They usually work off a 20-pound canister of propane so no underground storage tank is necessary; unless that is the way you prefer to go. However, installing an underground storage tank brings with it a boat load of not only local but also state and federal regulations. Installing an underground fuel storage tank can be a costly proposition. The 20-pound tanks can be hidden in decorative boxes that serve as a table or behind vegetation.

Citronella-Powered Lanterns

Patio lanterns can also be as simple as citronella-powered lanterns. These lanterns are temporary in installation and moving them around is no problem. The lanterns come in different heights and some are adjustable. Not only do citronella lanterns provide light, but also excellently repel mosquitoes.