An appliance repair specialist can at least help you figure out what's wrong with your dryer.

These days it’s easy to find parts for your clothes dryer online. If you own a Kenmore clothes dryer, don’t worry if it has a little problem. In many cases, your dryer will be easy to fix. Since little problems with appliances are so common, most home improvement stores and online parts stores stock the parts you’ll need to do basic repairs. Plus, fixing your dryer yourself will be much cheaper.

Of course, if your dryer is having strange problems or has big issues, you might want to get a professional to come look at it. An appliance repair specialist can at least help you figure out what’s wrong with your dryer. If your appliance is still under warranty, you may also be able to get them to repair it at no cost to you. That is the benefit of having a good warranty.

In many cases you can replace the appropriate Kenmore electric dryer parts yourself. Not having to call a repair person means saving money and time, so if you can fix it yourself this is a good idea.

Lots of times the thing that’s gone wrong is quite basic. Things like lint can clog up your air line, so make sure your lint screen is kept clean. Check the exhaust line for lint build up. Other common problems are slipped or broken belts, broken blower motors, and blown fuses. All these things are easy to fix if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do some work.

A great way to find out how to fix your Kenmore or other brand appliance is to look online for manuals. You can get dryer parts, fridge parts, Sharp microwave parts, and any other parts you need online from several sources. On the other hand, if the problem is too big for you, it may be better to call a professional.