Try changing your carpets to more lively and easy to clean shag area rugs

I always thought that carpets were the best for floor covering –until I had to clean it myself. Surely you’ll love your carpet when it’s clean and presentable but when all the dust, dirt, pet hair plus odor sinks in, you may suddenly regret choosing the carpet for your floor covering.

Cleaning Carpets

Yes there may be vacuum cleaners with enough suction power to suck out all the dirt and carpet shampooers to get rid of the odor but it’s not just the carpet we have to be concerned about. All the dirt and moisture accumulated by the carpet transfers to the floor and if you used a carpet to cover a weak floor then all the mold and mildew will do the rest of the damage.

If you ask me, other than the vacuums and shampooers the best way to clean the carpet is be removing it and doing a thorough clean. You’d be lucky of your carpet lifts off easily however I doubt you’d be able to do this easily. This is the reason we use vacuums in the first place because we can’t flip the whole thing over so we just make sure the surface is clean to make it look presentable.

Some people get contented with this cleanliness but I think that carpets can be unhealthy. They can be a source of diseases and allergies therefore becoming the opposite of comfort. For this reason I prefer an alternative to whole carpet. I choose to use the area rugs.

Shag Area Rugs

Instead of the carpets, I specifically have the shag area rugs. Area rugs are wide and they can cover a significant floor area. When I traded my old carpets for area rugs, I realized how much more spacious my rooms felt because the floor was exposed at certain areas. In the same way, I also saw how the important areas of every room were given more attention because these areas were highlighted by the area rugs.


There are so many other types of area rugs but the one I really prefer are the shag area rugs. They are everything my old carpets could not be. First of all they had more texture compared to those carpets which were literally flat. I get a sense of warmth from them and even when they are area rugs and large, I can clean them thoroughly which I could not do with the carpets.

Because of the shag area rugs I could temporarily cover cracked or dented floor areas without other people noticing. The texture of the shag rugs make it look like my floor is even and it buys me some time to make the floor look presentable despite the damages. With the carpets, their flatness easily shows these imperfections on the floor.

If you’re sick of your carpets and you’d like to trade them for more attractive and easy to clean shag area rugs then you can browse through and They have a wide variety of area rugs that you can choose from. You’ll surely be able to find the area rugs that’s right for you and your home!