When it comes to home remodeling, who wouldn't want the idea of saving money on unneccesary things

There comes a point in every home owner’s life when they consider doing a little remodeling. Whether it’s an entire home makeover or just a few rooms, finding ways of saving money is always on top of the list. Here are a few simple ways which you can save money when re-doing just about any room in your house.

What’s Wrong with Remnants?

When most people hear the term carpet remnants, they think of left over carpet that no one wants. That’s not always, and most generally, not the case. There are several ways which carpet remnants come to be. One is actually straight from the carpet mill itself! Did you know that when carpet is manufactured, they simply cut off anywhere from 10 to 20 feet from the end of the roll? That’s to make sure they have enough produced for the client and the ends are nicely finished and run through enough to ensure the carpet is tight. These left-over’s are often sold as bound carpet remnants to local warehouses or retailers who then pass along the savings to you the homeowner!

The rub with carpet remnants however, is that most carpet stores aren’t going to advertise the remnants they have on hand… why would they? They want to sell you the expensive stuff off the show room floor! So just be sure to shop around your local carpet retailers and don’t be afraid to ask to look at their remnants, you might be surprised by what you find.

Oops Paint

Besides the carpet remnant, you can also save on paint by asking paint and home stores if they have any “oops” paint. You can trust they’ll know what you’re talking about. We all know paint looks a lot different on the sample in the store then the wall at home. A lot of people either get the wrong paint or return it to the store if they decide on a different color. Or sometimes the store simply creates the wrong color. This is referred to as “oops” paint and you can get it dirt cheap! Sure, you may have to settle for an unusually color, but if you’re patient and keep checking you’re surely to find something you can live with.  You also consider mixing paint to find something a little more suitable.

Hopefully with the money you save with carpet remnants and “oops” paint, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your newly remodeling room in a new recliner!