Cleaning with a gutter wand

A tool that is gaining in popularity with homeowners everywhere is the gutter wand. Gutter cleaning wands are a great way to make gutter cleaning safer for many reasons. They also limit the number of tools and time you need to complete a gutter cleaning job. That means that you will spend less money in the long run and be able to spend more time at other tasks that you enjoy.

A gutter cleaning wand is a piece of equipment that you attach to the end of a garden hose. The wand delivers high pressure water through a nozzle. Depending on the model, the gutter cleaning wand nozzle might be adjustable in the sense that you can change the direction the nozzle is pointing as well as the shape of the water stream. An adjustable nozzle gives you much more flexibility in how and how well you clean your gutters with this tool.

The other main attribute of the gutter wand is that they often are telescoping devices that can reach up to twenty feet in the air. That means that you can clean your gutters from the ground level. No more carrying a gutter hose up the ladder to rinse out your gutter system or test your downspouts. You can do all of this from the ground. That makes gutter cleaning much safer than it usually is.

Also, you save time because you no longer have to spend time climbing up and down a ladder and moving it to the next section. Instead, you can just walk slowly around the house and clean out your gutters as you go.

In addition, you o longer have to handle the debris in the gutter clogs. The possibility of mold spores being present is there and cleaning out the gutters by hand can be hazardous to your health by touching or breathing the spores. The only thing you might have to worry about is a sore neck from looking up.

As great as the gutter cleaning wand sounds, there is a potential problem. If you force debris out of your gutters with a high pressure water stream then it is going to be difficult to control where that debris goes. Chances are that the debris will spray out and find its way to your siding or other house front fa├žade. If you use a gutter wand then you might want to also rinse of the sides of your house to make sure that there is no unsightly debris clinging to the windows or bricks.