Metal double beds are easy to move around and can be dismantled.

It is an exciting time in a young person’s life when they are going off to college. It is also very expensive for parents. The dorm needs first time furniture to fill up the room. The college will provide a list of can and cannot items allowed in the dorm rooms. Things like space heaters, air conditioners, or hot plates are prohibited.

There are colleges that sell kits to build lofts in the dorm. Some of them come with beds, usually they are cheap metal double beds or very often, they are twin beds. Dealing with situations around the bed is a good idea. It is one of main expenses, and it uses up lots of space. Once you have made the decision as to what bed the freshman will have in the dorm room than it is a matter of figuring out how much space is left. The college provides the hardware, and lumber should you want a loft. They do not give you a mattress, and they usually fit a twin size bed. An inexpensive metal double bed may not be a bad choice to make. They are easy to move around and can be dismantled. However, plenty of the dorm rooms are much too small to allow a double size bed.

You can make decide as to the remaining needs of the freshman once the bedding issue is resolved. Some of the other necessities include a microwave, alarm clock, laptop, bathroom toiletries, laundry, refrigerator and more. There needs to be some decorations added in there as well. A little feeling of home.

College is an expensive undertaking, it really does not matter if you choose cheap metal double beds, or decide to sleep on the floor atop an air mattress, it is worth every penny you invest in it.