Serta perfect sleeper mattress has been using spring technology that has been employed in mattresses for over 50 years.

When I was in college I would mostly end up sleeping on an inflatable air mattress. These mattresses are extremely comfortable and the fact that I could take the air out of them and put them away in a closet somewhere was a great relief to somebody with limited space in the college dorm. However, now that I have my own apartment choosing the right kind of mattress is something of a priority. Since I realize that I spend close to seven hours of the night in my bed, actually make that my mattress I figure that I shall not mattress on buying the right kind of mattress for myself. The best thing about buying a mattress is that you have an insane number of choices. These choices are not limited just to the brand or the variety but that you can pretty much use it to fulfill any fantasy that you have.

There are waterbeds and then they’re not mattresses that use memory foam which is the same material that they have been using to line the outside of the NASA space shuttles. The thing that separates this foam mattress from the foam mattress of the days gone by is that this mattress, just like the name says, is not forget its shape. It has “memory”. However, these mattresses are relatively new and somewhat of an innovation. This makes them extremely expensive and if you want one of these babies you will have to spend close to $2000. On the other hand, the time tested innerspring mattress, for example the Serta perfect sleeper mattress which has been using spring technology that has been employed in mattresses for over 50 years is available for as low as $800. And this is not some product that has not been tested! This mattress has stood the test of time and has probably seen more moist than your grandfather.