keep any room organized and clutter free with a storage locker like this

My friend Catherin works at a bank and when I come to visit her, her desk is always filled with clutter. Her drawers had more than files and folders in them. She would shove in her scarves, her sunglasses, and other things she wouldn’t want to take home with her.

See, Catherin’s a workaholic and she barely stays home long enough to enjoy her apartment. Her office is also her home which is why it always looks so messy. Her office is a salad of work materials and more than a few basic things a girl would need. Last time I tried opening her file cabinet, I found out where she hid her pumps.

Base Size of the Locker on the Space Available

Just by looking at the dimensions of her office room, I knew Catherin’s office was spacious if only she didn’t have the unnecessary clutter. Not that she doesn’t clean up, her office is pretty decent but if only her boss new what’s in the fourth drawer of her filing cabinet. Well anyway, I decided to go online and find my workaholic friend something to help her separate work from wardrobe in her office room.

What Will Be the Locker Used For?

I decided to help her get a storage locker big enough for two pairs of shoes, for hanging her scarves, and for organizing her makeup and accessories. There was enough room at the left back end of her office for the locker. The locker we were looking for was the type that wouldn’t remind her of high school and would look appropriate for her professional space.

Looking for the Locker

We went online to and searched for the office storage lockers they had available. There were several types of storage wears and lockers to choose from. Among them, the Light Oak and Sage Storage Locker became our easy choice. This Norelco storage locker has the ideal features that make it appropriate for an office.

Storage Features

The oak colored storage locker is made up of a door storage area, two box drawers and even a drawer for files. However, I’m sure Catherin won’t be keeping any files in them once she gets this storage locker. The great thing about this locker is that it maintains the professional look of the office. Another advantage was that this Norelco storage locker was on sale. From $834.00, it was being sold for $386.59. Imagine saving more than $400 on a quality storage locker!

Once Catherin gets this storage locker in her office she’ll have a proper storage area for her personal belongings. She’ll have a place for a few clothes, shoes and accessories. She won’t have to shove them into file cabinets and get her personal things mixed up with her office documents.

I was glad to help her get a storage locker for her office. Surely it will help create a good change in the look and feel of her office. I even plan to get one for myself. Hopefully next time when I visit Catherin, her office won’t be such a mess and when her office is clean all her things are organized in their proper places.