A Round Kitchen Table

For people who want to decorate their homes with aesthetic Asian design furniture that have Zen-like serenity, it is time to consider the purchase of a round kitchen table. Unlike other kitchen table ideas and designs, Asian style is influenced more by spirituality and philosophy. Its main principles involve having harmony and balance with one’s surroundings and nature. If Eastern principles are followed in the kitchen design then it can go a long way in showing the peaceful extension of one’s own soul.

In the modern Asian style the idea is to understand the spatial relation among people, furniture and the room’s central features for a purposeful decoration. In the principles and philosophy of the Asian design the main underlying factor is the importance of having more of the open spaces available so that energy and traffic can flow without any hindrance. This means that the room center should not have any obstruction in the way of free flow movement. To start with, using the Asian design philosophy, placing a black kitchen table in a corner will help provide the free space at the room center. This design and look can be further accentuated with buoyant gold and red settings and linens for the table. A striking look can be achieved with this type of combination.

Utilizing a small or large round table in the kitchen also subscribes to the philosophy espoused in the Asian design philosophy. One reason for this is that most coins and money is associated with the round designs and it is thought to represent prosperity and wealth. Circular designs also have an affinity with water, like water drops and it is indicative of the fullness and wealth in life. Those who have belief in Asian design philosophy find meaningful relationships and symbolism among wealth, shapes and prosperity. These in turn are very necessary in ensuring that the home has the right balance and blessings for success.

By turning the kitchen into a place wherein serenity abides using the basic idea behind the Asian design and decoration philosophy, it is possible to create harmony and balance in one’s surroundings.