Bandsaw is a common tool in most workshops that is used for cutting different kinds of materials

Bandsaw is a common tool in most workshops that is used for cutting different kinds of materials such as timber, metal and other kinds of substances. The mechanism of working of a bandsaw can seem complicated to some people as it involves a series of rotating wheels and teeth on blades that are used to cut these materials. A bandsaw blade welder is a tool used to fix broken bandsaw blades. This tool starts by welding the two broken ends together. Afterwards it anneals the welded part to strengthen the bandsaw blades.

The bandsaw blade welder also reduces brittleness of the blade. The welder adorns an overhead lighting system that helps the user see the work place clearly. The welder also has a brass clamp which has the function of stabilizing the blade. It has an attached power chord that requires to be plugged into 240 volt power. It is important that you get a qualified electrician to connect the power.

The vulnerability of a bandsaw cannot be ignored as it does a lot of heavy work. As stated earlier it can be used to cut different materials but the most common material is timber. The blade of the bandsaw is mostly made of steel. This is a strong medium but at times it can get broken. This is because while cutting the through the different kinds of materials the blade of the bandsaw is put under some sort of strain.

This strain is mostly felt at the curves of the blade teeth particularly at the edge. This leads to expansion and contraction of the blade due to friction. This process may cause alteration to the structure of the steel and this in turn may lead to breakage of the blade. The welder which is used in the fixing of broken bandsaw blades is on the other hand made of steel alloy.

The blades of most bandsaws are made in such a way that they are elastic. The body of these blades are soft and hard teeth for less breakage. While using a bandsaw welder ensure that its teeth are well greased.