Be sure to involve your daughter with whatever plans you have in remodeling her bedroom

If you have a young girl (or even a teen) who absolutely loves horses and just can’t get enough of them, consider doing a bedroom remodel using a multi-pronged horse theme.

Before you get started, make sure that she’s on board with the whole idea. Tell her your plans and get her opinions on the project, then go through some ideas with her.

Some ideas that you may wish to consider:

If you don’t want to install carpeting, think about getting a horse-themed rug. There are a variety to choose from and in many different colors and styles.

Next is wallpaper. There are tons of styles to choose from. Narrow it down based on her interests. Is she interested in Westerns? Or maybe racing or (if she’s younger) a My Little Pony style would suit her better.

Once you have the theme planned out for your room (it could be something like a Little House on the Prairie type of backdrop), you can start adding wall-coverings such as drapes and posters.

Here, only her imagination is the limit. Use the Internet for ideas then order from a reputable source. This is where her eyes will light up as there are literally millions of types, styles and themes for posters (they don’t all have to be about horses, maybe throw in a Justin Bieber for good measure).

Lastly, you’ll want to look at horse bedding. There are a few good themes out there, so you may wish to look around. Amazon has a good selection.

The Land of Nod also has a very good selection of horse bedding for girls. They specialize in childrens bedding and furniture, so you can find a pretty good selection there.

Lastly, you can find things to fill out the nooks and corners in her room such as table lamps and toy boxes and whatnot.

Getting her a gift that she will enjoy for years to come is something that she will remember for the rest of her life.