Hickory hardwood floors as a natural product are beautiful and long lasting

Hickory hardwood flooring is a great choice for your flooring needs. This flooring option is the second hardest flooring option in US. It is manufactured from hickory hardwood trees in North America. Hickory wood was originally used for other purposes before it was used for flooring. Before, it was used for making cabinets, veneers and furniture because of its durability and strength. Then later it was introduced and sold in the market as hickory planks for flooring purpose.

Hickory hardwood floors as a natural product are beautiful and long lasting. They can last a lifetime of daily wear and tear. They come in varieties of hardwood planks, antique and manufactured or laminated so you will surely have plenty of options to choose from. Their colors vary from tan to red allowing a rustic appeal on your home when installed. They can be installed in high traffic areas and they last long with little maintenance. Hickory floors are more durable than other hardwood floors like quartersawn white oak flooring. This is enough to show that if you will be shopping around for a flooring option, hickory flooring is a perfect choice. It can withstand heavy objects being dropped on the floor and it will retain its natural beauty over time. The hardness of hickory can be a benefit and a disadvantage at the same time. While its hardness makes it very strong and sturdy, it also makes it difficult for cut during installation. However, there are pre – cut and pre – finished planks that you can purchase so you will not have to worry cutting and finishing of your hickory floor.

When looking to buy a hickory hardwood of whatever variety, be sure that you are getting form reliable and trusted manufacturers that can give you a high quality and thoroughly dried planks as they tend to shrink over time when they are drying. While hickory flooring can be very expensive, you can choose hickory laminate floor if you want a more affordable option.