The right tools are an invaluable addition to keep your hearth in proper working order and they can save having to do expensive repairs

There are many benefits to buying the proper fireplace tools to maintain and clean your fireplace. A fireplace offers a beautiful and warm glow, but it requires the responsibility of making it clean and safe for your family. If you become familiar with the tools necessary to maintain your fireplace, it will be a simple chore.

Tools for your fireplace can come separately or in a set. A set will include basic tools that the majority of fireplace owners should own, as well as a few additional tools chosen by either the dealer or consumer. An example of a basic tool is a poker. As implied by the name, a poker can be used to poke at the fire or stir up wood pieces to keep the fire burning properly. An andiron, or fire dog, is made of metal and is kept on the hearth for wood to rest on. This elevates the fire off of the hearth floor. Both of these tools allow the fire to burn longer and better.

One indispensable toll is a tong. This is two long metal sticks, which are used to pick up and hold hot or burning pieces of wood. Tongs work well to adjust wood even if it is burning, or can be used to place additional wood into the fire. Finally, a broom and/or shovel is used to clean the fireplace and collect ashes after the fire is finished burning.

Collectively, these tools will be a great aid in helping you maintain your lovely fireplace. If used properly, the tools will last for years to come, as will your fireplace. Further details on the listed tools, plus many additional fireplace accessories, can be found online or at a fireplace and hearth store near you.