A Capiz chandelier is most well known for the translucent effect it gives off.

Only a true chandelier lover could understand the true beauty of a chandelier that is made from the precious Capiz shells. Although available in a number of artificial alternatives. These alternatives are usually made from a number of several different types of plastic, however one can still find an original piece. Just a single look at the original product would mesmerize your mental senses. This particular chandelier is not about spreading light in the whole house. But it provides a very pleasing effect when it comes to maintaining a warm light round the clock.

When you purchase the Capiz chandelier you should be sure to keep in mind that you need to avoid using high powered bulbs in it because it would damage the shells. These chandeliers are available in a number of sizes and the materials used in their construction are genuine. The genuine capiz shell would produce a pleasing combination of whites and golden mixed perfectly. One can easily find and point out the difference between an original and the artificial counterpart. Although these chandeliers look very bulky in their appearance, you would be amazed that they don’t weigh much.

Capiz shells have a large mass, but less weight so one chandelier could hold up to 200 capiz shells and can still be hung by a thin metal chain. There are a number of lighting configurations that can be installed in the Capiz chandeliers. Usually high powered circuits are avoided. Therefore, these chandeliers and very effective in creating romantic warmth in the room where it is installed. Supported other lights in the room it would be a perfect light source. You also get a remote control to change the intensity of light so that you can match it with the mood. So invest in a Capiz chandelier and you won’t regret it.