You can make even small bathroom spaces look elegant

Having a small bathroom is not a problem because it’s not something you should be sad about. Having a bigger bathroom, conversely, does not necessarily mean that you have a better bathroom than those with small bathrooms. The trick with bathrooms, regardless of size, is that you know how to dress them up and make them feel comfortable. In some respects, having bigger bathroom are even more taxing because you have more space to worry about in terms of design and maintenance.

If you have a small bathroom and you don’t know what to do with it, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Thankfully, you have me, your friendly neighborhood interior designer, to give you some tips about good remedies and touches to put to a bland and crowded bathroom space. In doing this, however, one must have a positive mindset and an open heart so that you can have a refreshing change in your bathroom layout and your life.

Interesting Notions About Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

Using the right pieces will make the difference in small bathrooms

Like I mentioned earlier, having a smaller bathroom is not necessarily a bad thing because you have less to worry about. I mean, sure it may not be as spacious as bigger bathrooms, but then again how much space do you need? Bathrooms are used for answering the call of nature and cleaning up before or after a long day so having one with a coatroom and some furniture, although desirable, is not generally necessary. As long as you have enough room to move in and comfortably situate your essential bathroom components, your small bathroom is still serviceable. The term you should use for it is “cozy”.

As such, there is a latent advantage when sprucing up a cozy bathroom space. Major renovations can be undertaken without much effort since the space you are dealing with is not that expensive. Switching the corresponding pipes if you intend on moving your toilet closer to the door instead of further away and replacing it with the stand alone shower would not be that hassling. Correspondingly, setting up the decorative elements of your small bathroom would be a cinch. Imagine having to tile for a small bathroom and how long it would take compared to regular or even large bathroom. Now you tell me, which bathroom is more desirable to have.

Using Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms  

A good thing to consider with a small bathroom is the ventilation and natural lighting. Although it may not seem important at first, you’d soon find out later on that having a window for your bathroom is actually quite necessary. If you can’t afford to have a ventilation exhaust for your bathroom, a window is your best bet. As such, you have to furnish your window with treatment that would allow maximum lighting and ventilation conditions without compromising your privacy when you’re using the bathroom. A good choice would be solar shades because they reduce the glare and allow you to see through to the outside of your room to what your window shows you.

Another good trick to implement in your bathroom is to create the illusion of space. This can be done by strategically clumping your bathroom components and leaving up lots of open spaces. This way, despite being actually small, your bathroom will look more spacious than it actually is. Another way to achieve this illusion is by employing wall mirrors in one side of your bathroom. Having such a bathroom element will both beneficial for both decorative and practical purposes, not to mention the fact that it would create the illusion of depth and space.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Small Spaces and Other Alternative Material

Alternative methods and materials will make the bathroom

If you really want to make your small bathroom unique, though, you should utilize alternative materials what would really bring out the best in small spaces. Since it would not cost much, small bathrooms would greatly benefit from marine carpet instead wall to wall tiles, unlike in more spacious restrooms wherein it would require more carpet and thusly more money. Marine carpet is intended for outdoor use on boats and yachts because it is heat resistant, water resistant, and provides a steady no-slip footing.

You should also pay close attention to fixtures that you may want to use in order to make the small bathroom more attractive. Of course, I would advise against stockpiling too many fixtures in such a cramp space because such idea for design would not be forthcoming. The bottom line in designing for your bathroom, whether or not it be big or small, is to make it comfortable for anyone to use. Once you are able to do this, you are one step closer to making your home a better living space.