Making a small kitchen elegant is no walk in the park

Size is an important facet of a life, or so it would seem. People make a big deal about it whenever they refer to it. ‘Size matters’,  according to a famous cliché. True, you can do more if you are a given something bigger, and people seem to revere anything and everything that is bigger than them. It has something to do with egos I think. A bigger man, for example, would draw more respect from most people, according to this theory, as opposed to a man of smaller stature.

But then again, what do we mean by ‘big man’? Sometimes being physically big is not all that it is cracked up to be. In fact, one can be small in stature but infinitely huge in substance. Following another cliché, ‘size does not matter, it’s how you use it’. So even if you may be smaller than the average man but you tower over everyone else in terms of substance and character, that makes you the alpha male.

General Notions About Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Small Kitchens

First of all, we have to recognize the fact that the kitchen is a very important part of the house. It is, after all, where we construct and engineer the dishes that would give us delight and sustenance. As such, a kitchen layout ideas for small kitchens are not small per se so as long as there is ample space to sufficiently do what you have to do. If you feel that your kitchen is smaller than that standard, you might want to consider having it remodeled or extended just a bit. You don’t have to transform it to something expansively bigger, just something that would be more comfortable will suffice.

Also, while form may be commendable, it is more important to put function first. I’m not saying that your kitchen should be messy – that is not form at all. What I mean is that you can put modern kitchen ideas for small kitchens, your kitchen specifically, aside so as long as you make sure it is fully functional, hygienic, and operational. From that point on, you can focus on the aesthetic aspect of your kitchen, which I will help you to choose and decide in the next paragraph.

Decorative and Functional Modern Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Modern fitted kitchens would look nice in any home

I don’t know about you but I find shelves appealing as both a decorative and functional element of any room. My room, for example, has an entire wall of shelves just filled with books that I love. The kitchen would benefit from that look, although you may want to use overhead cabinets instead. That way, you can save more space – it will not occupy space and you can store objects in it – and, at the same time, treat it as a decorative component of your crowded kitchen. Kitchen cabinet ideas for small kitchens are always a good idea.

Another element you can utilize in you small kitchen are countertops. Fitted kitchens were introduced by the German kitchen company Poggenpohl in the earlier part of 1940s and have since evolved into the comprehensive collection of counters, stoves and sinks that form the counter tops people now work on in the kitchen. Since you have a small space, it would be ideal to plan how to utilize countertops in your kitchen. You can choose to put it against a wall and line up all the counters in single file, or you can maybe opt to have counters on parallel walls, leaving a small space in the middle for passage.

 Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Make your kitchen feel cozy with the appropriate components

Most people utilize tiles for their kitchen because it is the easiest material to clean. When you drop food on your tiled floor or perhaps spill water while doing the dishes, cleaning is just a matter of wiping it with a rag and applying Windex later on. As such, if you really want to improve the look of you small kitchen, try picking out tiles that would ‘agree’, so to speak, with the other elements of your cooking space. Pick out a shade that would look beautiful with your wallpaper and other kitchen fixtures.

Designing a kitchen is not that hard, and a small kitchen should not be any different. Having a small kitchen just means that you have a smaller space to design and maintain. The important thing with your kitchen, regardless of its size, is that you have the minimum standard of comfort and that you feel at home whenever you are in it. That feeling of familiarity will help you concoct the best recipes there are to make your family the happiest it could ever be.