Cordless Pleated Shades

Cordless pleated shades are an extremely convenient and stylish way to decorate your windows. They are easy to use, and can be controlled to let in varying degrees of light. They are available in different styles and colors to match the interior decoration of your rooms, the mechanism of their operation is also sometimes slightly different from on shade to another. Cordless pleated shades are very convenient and easy to use, as compared to other kinds of shades. They also offer a great toned down sense of style for your interiors, especially because of their beautiful pleats that let in varying degrees of sunlight.

The Different Advantages of Cordless Pleated Shades

Cordless pleated shades have different advantages over other kinds of shades. These advantages are making them increasingly popular over other kinds of shades in the interior decoration industry.

They are Safe

Cordless shades do not have a pull cord hanging loose in the house – an easy temptation for pets and small children. Window shade cords are extremely prone to being made into a very dangerous toy by kittens or toddlers, and they can cause a lot of harm in any household. Cordless shades are extremely convenient in this respect, because they have no hanging cord that can be put to dangerous use by small children or pets.

They Are Easy to Use

Cordless pleated shades have an extremely simple mechanism of operation. They can be pulled up and down with the help of rods – or triangular pull tags that are sometimes attached to them, to control how much light you want entering your room. They are extremely simple to use and the mechanism does not get stuck, unlike shades that are controlled by cords. You can easily pull or raise them to a certain level and they will stay there easily.

They Look Great

Pleated shades are beautiful to look at, especially against the light. You can create interesting effects by controlling the level of the shades in terms of the light and shadow in your room. Cordless pleated shades look just like ordinary pleated shades, with the small exception of the missing cord.

Cordless pleated shades can be found in different materials like plastic or fiber or fabric – and different shades have different opacities, letting in different amounts of light. You should never compromise on the quality and design of the shades when you are trying to fit them within your budget.