beautiful roman shades

When it comes to the look and feel of a room, bigger is better most of the time. It is not only the floor area or the existing size of the room which determines how big the room feels. With given elements the room can actually appear bigger than it is originally.

People can work with several things in the room to make it feel bigger. The look of the room depends on several things. The amount of furniture placed inside that room, the amount of space occupied and space left open.

There are also elements which are already a part of the room’s structure and these elements also contribute to the way the room would look and feel. One of the elements is lighting. The type of light use inside that room can have a cold or warm effect on the room. Hue or color of the light used inside the room can determine this.

In relation to light, among the natural structures that is also part of the room is the window. The window is not just for being able to view the outdoors. Having windows is also one way to bring in natural light which gives the room an inviting and warm ambiance.

Unlike the light fixtures installed inside the room, windows have a say when it comes to how big the room would look as well as feel. Windows can symbolize openness. With windows people create an opening where in they do not have to completely feel like they have locked themselves within the room because they get to see a bit of what is outside.

Huge windows are very dramatic. They allow more light to come in the room feels fresh and bright. Large windows also creates the illusion of a bigger and more spacious room. The height of the window makes the room look taller and its width creates the illusion of a wider room as well.

In relation to windows, there is also another element that can help create a distinct look for the room as well. This element works well with the windows allowing people to have more control over them. Where there are windows, there are shades as well.

When it comes to dressing up windows, one of the most common shades used nowadays are the roman shades. These shades are made of mostly fabric but they are not as “flowy” as the traditional curtains. They function like blinds but they are not as stiff.

Roman shades can take on the height of any window size and can still be very workable despite these conditions. Since they are not as heavy as curtains, they still allow certain amount of light to pass through the fabric creating a shaded effect, cooling down the room.

Although these shades work like the metal or plastic strip blinds, they have a completely different feel and effect on the room. The windows do not look like those from offices. Being more of fabric also makes the shades quiet. Pulling it up or down won’t be a pain to the ear.

Roman shades are the new window décor which are functional and stylish at the same time. The function is practical and it incorporates simplicity with style, something which is very ideal for the modern home.