Little girls love the graphic boldness found in black and white bedding for girls.

When I was a little girl, pink was the popular color to use. My bedroom was full of it. I had pink carpeting – in addition to a Strawberry Shortcake bedspread and painted pink walls. It was a dream! Now I wonder how my Mom took all of the pepto pink, but she loved me and she knew that I was in heaven in that room. These days though, pink doesn’t hold much interest for a lot of little girls. They love the graphic boldness found in black and white bedding for girls.

At first it may sound a bit dull, but it really does offer a variety of options. Any color can be paired with these two neutrals – pinks, purple, yellow, even green and orange. A black and white comforter can be girly if it has a delicate scroll pattern, or even a graphic floral design. You can then add a simple solid color sheet in your little girl’s favorite color along with some cute decorative throw pillows. You could surprise her and really jazz up the room with something like a hot pink chandelier, or a piece of mirrored furniture.

In many cases you don’t even have to paint the walls. Simply add photographs and artwork that they may have created to finish off the room. In the end you want them to feel like their room is their happy place to go to at the end of the day. You should certainly provide guidance and give them boundaries on what is allowed in decorating their room. They are guaranteed to love the room that much more if they get to have some say in what it looks like. When this is accepted and encouraged, it gives them confidence in knowing that their opinions are respected and allowed.

Have fun with it – decorating a kids room shouldn’t be a stressful thing, it should be one of the more enjoyable parts of life!

black and white bedding for girls