The process of buying a chair, any type of chair, is very simple, or at least that's how it sounds like.

The process of buying a chair, any type of chair, is very simple, or at least that’s how it sounds like. You just go into a furniture store or visit its website and pick a model you like. Pay the money and it will be yours. But, there is one important thing you must look at before you push the “pay now” button: shipping. How much is the shipping for the product you wish to buy? It can be as much as 40% of the price tag so it’s a good idea to ask about it before you purchase anything. Maybe it is more affordable to you to just take the chair home with a friend’s car or something. Until you know the actual cost of the shipping, you won’t know, so ask!

If you wish to buy a chair why not buy a saucer chair? Here are just some of the benefits of such a chair:

1. Needs assembling? No.

The moon chair does not need any sort of assembling whatsoever because it is already in one piece. All you need is to do is have the money ready and take the chair home. Some chairs need to be assembled and that can take anywhere between 20 minutes and one hour. Now, when you don’t have that kind of time available or you just don’t want to do this sort of thing, it can be a pain. So, why not pick a saucer chair and be done with it?

2. Are there weight limitations? Some.

Of course there are. But, you can rest assured that this is not a chair that will break at first sign of trouble. Because it can usually handle about 220 pounds, it’s a durable chair. You will have to check those number for yourself because you can’t be sure about that, but you may be surprised to see that some models even go up to as much as 300 pounds. Just check this before you buy, ok?

3. Where to put it? Hmm…

These chairs are perfect in the living room. They can be used for sitting while reading or playing video games. Because some of the are wider you can get two people to sit on one which makes play a lot more interesting. You can place this chair in your own bedroom and create your own little resting corner. There’s no one stopping you if you wish to place it in the kitchen. It works find in any room.