Prefabricated shower pans are easy to install

As a default rule, you do not to learn how to install a shower pan for your bathroom. You can pay other people to do that for you, and the price they charge is not that expensive. People often think that doing menial tasks themselves is ideal because it would save money. If you really think about it and calculate the direct and projected costs, doing tasks that you do not really know much about will even cost you more, financially and emotionally. If you want to learn how to install a tile shower pan or how to install a shower pan on a concrete floor, it must be for the right reasons.

How to Install a Shower Base Pan From the Hardware Store

For those of you who do not know, there are two main types of shower bases: prefabricated and custom hand tiled. Prefabricated shower bases are available for purchase at your local hardware and supply stores. They are often made from a hard acrylic polymer, which can be molded into any shape or onto any surface. Prefabricated shower bases are recommended for the DIY home body because it does not require extensive knowledge of the various remodeling disciplines such as plumbing, carpentry, or basic tile-laying.

Take an active involvement in the planning of a custom shower pan

Prefabricated shower bases also come with the customizable drain holes which can be made to fit any plumbing option available in your bathroom space. You can choose to utilize shower bases in shower enclosures, stand alone showers, wet rooms and even shower stalls, depending on how you use your acrylic material. Prefabricated shower bases come in different surfaces and colors, so there will surely be one that will fit your taste and bathroom style.

Why It is Discouraged to Learn How to Install a Shower Base That is Customized

Unlike prefabricated shower bases that could be installed by anyone, custom tiled shower bases are harder to come by. You can’t learn how to build a custom tile shower base within a few days; it takes a lot of time and experience. You shouldn’t even attempt to build your own shower base, especially with little to know understanding of plumbing and the application of cement or mortar, because you can cause damage to your bathroom that would cost you a lot of money and inconvenience.

I am an interior designer so it is my business to know about homes and designs. Despite my profession, I am proud to say that I know nothing about laying tiles or customizing shower bases. I know what type of design to use or color combinations to utilize that would bring out the best in your other bathroom components. Aside from the planning and scheming, I don’t know anything about direct installation and setting of bathroom tiles.

However, it is best to hire contractors in case of custom tiled shower pans

If your only motivation to learn how to install a shower pan is to save money, I’d say that the best decision would be to for a contractor instead. There’s a big difference between being smart and being stingy. Choosing to make your own custom tiles just to save money, especially if you have little to no knowledge on how to install a tile shower pan is not being smart. Do yourself a favor and hire a contractor today.