keeping an area rug presentable and clean can be quite a challenge

People who love and have area rugs know just how difficult it is to keep them clean. I am among those people, I share their sentiments about having to check the rugs every once in a while even when I know they are lying on the floor – which means people will be stepping on them and they will get filthy.

The Value of the Area Rugs

I don’t know about you but the reason why I hold on to having area rugs in different sections of my house, particularly the sitting areas, is that I see these area rugs as the highlighting element of the area. They create a more separated space for the different areas of a single room.

Without the area rugs, I think every room will be a salad of different areas with different functions and there won’t be a sort of distinction for these areas. I really want to avoid that. Not being able to distinguish the different areas of a certain room will make it look like there is a lot going on in the room because of all the furniture, however you are not really sure which one goes where and with what other pieces of furniture it goes with.

And so, no matter how prone the area rugs are to dirt, still I try to keep them looking presentable. Though these rugs may just be lying on the floor their also have an important function. Creating proper space for every area is an important function. Drawing attention to the floor is also an important function especially if you have invested much on it. This is why we need to keep area rugs clean.

Preventing is Preferable than Cleaning

I have suggestions on how to keep the area rug clean or at least not so soiled every time you have guests around. The dirt that gets on the rug is usually from outside the house and so we have to start there. For this, apply the cliche saying that prevention is better than cure. On the doorstep on the outdoor side, place a rug where people can wipe dirt off their shoes, or use a rug that can dust off dirt from people’s shoes even when they do not rub or wipe.

Go Dark

Also, try going for area rugs that are darker in shade or those that are not in very clean colors. This will help to temporarily hide minor stains when you do not have time to wash the whole rug. Braided rugs would also be a lot better because even when you scrub, clean, vacuum it, there won’t be pieces of fabric falling out of the rug.

Just Get Along with It

The last that I would suggest is not for the rug but for you. Remember that area rugs are meant to be stepped on –it’s a part of their job. And though it is our job to keep them clean, accepting the fact that they will be stepped on and they will get filthy can help lower the stress over keeping the area rug clean. Not that it’s impossible it’s just something not to worry about constantly.