Now that you’ve bought your new poker card table, you want to try to keep it in good condition so that you’ll be able to host many poker games with it in the future. Card tables and other home poker supplies is an investment and should be handled with care in order for them to last you years. You spent your hard-earned money on card table and chairs, so it just makes sense to take care of it like you would to your other high-priced possessions.

Keeping your card table in good condition is not very difficult at all as a matter of fact. Actually, most of the things you need to do it for precautionary measures.

Poker Card Table

Taking Care Of Your Card Table

1. Before purchasing your card table, make sure you find a nice, dry area in your home to store it when it’s not in use. Try to find areas where there is the least foot traffic so that no one would accidently bump into as they are walking by. A folding card table would make your life easier for storage.

2. Most poker card tables will have built in cup holders into the outer padding, but I think they are too shallow to prevent drinks from getting knocked down. A better solution is to purchase separate cup holders that you insert underneath the padding; these cup holders would secure your drinks a lot better. If you’re really worried about spilled drinks, you can always get a small side tables for drinks so that all drinks are off your card table completely.

3. Usually a card table set would include poker supplies, but usually you’re going to have to purchase a felt brush separately. A felt brush is recommended to brush away any debris that can potentially soil your felt top and leave dirt marks, etc.

4. If you’re going to invite friends over for dinner and a poker game, I highly recommended you eat dinner first and then play poker afterwards. Trying to eat dinner while playing a poker tournament is a recipe for disaster! You risk having oily foods fall onto your table, and your cards and poker chips will get greasy from the player’s hands.

Remembering these steps would make your card table last for many years and it really doesn’t take much for you to follow them.