Small Food Processors

A small food processor is becoming a necessity in the kitchen; either in homes or restaurants. Its flexibility is perfect for many tasks in food preparation. It’s a perfect tool for obtaining finely cut veggies, making dressing and gravy, mashed potato and other items. It’s a great helper and time saver for making a meal for families and even individuals.

If you love to own kitchen gadgets, then definitely you must own a mini food processor. Its multifunctional features will be a huge help in the kitchen. It will not only save you time and effort, but most of all, it’s very safe to use.

Here are 5 great ways to use your multi-tasking kitchen tool to make your job easier and faster:

1. Make salad dressings. Blend oil, vinegar, mayonnaise and seasoning in large amount without leaving any mess on your utensils and kitchen.

2. Grind meat. Personally grind your selected meat products. You are sure to have pure and fresh ground pork or beef. It’s cheaper than buying a ready to go pack of ground meat and it is much safer.

3. Make pasta and dough. Homemade pasta and dough are tastier than commercial ones. You are sure of its freshness and first rate ingredients since you made it yourself.

4. Slice, dice and cut veggies. It’s very nice to have finely cut vegetables in your salad. The slices produced by a processor are uniform and stylish. It makes food more presentable and appealing to the eye. Also, it helps you avoid shedding unnecessary teardrops when making onion rings.

5. Shred and grate cheese. This is one of the few things that you cannot do with other gadgets like a blender. You may shred a small piece or even a whole block of cheese.

There are many functions these small food processors can deliver in your kitchen. They help solve small but time consuming tasks. You just need to push a button then after a minute or two you have your cutting, slicing and grinding finished. Definitely, this compact, powerful and handy device for the kitchen is an excellent investment.