the shower caddy can be kept mold and mildew free by cleaning regularly

I have always found the shower caddy to be a useful storage utility in the bathing area. Shower caddies make bathroom supplies more accessible. It’s so much easier to get and return the shampoo without having to go out of your way. I also like to bring a portable shower caddy with me when I travel in case the bathing area of the place where I will be staying does not have an appropriate area for my bathroom supplies.

Shower caddies are also helpful for people who share a bathroom with other people. They can keep their own bathroom supplies together without getting them mixed up with the bathroom supplies of others by keeping them in the shower caddy. Because the shower caddy stores the bathroom supplies, there will be less or no clutter in the bathroom at all.

Mold and Mildew

One of the most important things I have learned from shower caddies is that they are easily prone to the accumulation of mold and mildew. Soap residue also eventually becomes stains of dirt on the caddy. Without proper cleaning, the caddy will carry more than just the bathroom supplies it will also carry odor and bacteria.

There are times when I get to grab a bit of mold when I reach for the soaps I use for bathing. I hate it when it gets to a point when that much mold has already accumulated. There are several reasons why mold and mildew easily grow on the caddy and I have learned how to effectively avoid them.


The environment of the bathroom particularly the bathing are is a haven for mold and mildew. Any surface in the bathroom is an ideal area for the molds to grow, this includes the caddy. What I usually do is to not over stuff my shower caddy. More bottles mean more surfaces to grow on. Also when a bottle is empty, dispose of it immediately the same goes for bathroom supplies you barely use. Like supplies for occasional treatments, they can be kept in the cabinets instead of the shower caddy.

No Scraping

Also try getting rid of the habit of scraping off the excess shampoo and soap on the caddy. Soap residue also invites more mold and mildew to grow on to the caddy. If the soap has already solidified on the surface of the caddy immediately scrub it out. Use warm water to loosen the residue. Use a plastic bristle brush so you won’t damage the surface of the caddy.

Inside and Out

Remember to clean the inner areas of the shower caddy as well. These areas may be a bit more difficult to clean but the warm water will definitely help to loosen up the dirt. Remember to always clean this area thoroughly even when it cannot be seen from the exterior part of the caddy.

The next time your shower caddy seems to have a bit of mold and mildew or if it may get a little cluttered, immediately take care of it before the mold and mildew gets the most of your caddy. Remember that mold and mildew can stain the surface permanently so keep you shower caddy mold and mildew free.