Lift Top Coffee Tables

The versatility of lift top coffee tables is totally amazing. It is not surprising then that these tables are now gaining popularity among household owners. Its functionality, storage, convenience, not to mention, its designs are among the features that made this wonderful piece of furniture a must-have in living room spaces.

Modern lift top table designs are made not just to fit the living room decor but to provide other services or functions as well. The following are the main functions of lift top end or coffee tables.

Extra Storage Spaces

Most of the lift top table designs consist of a storage compartments just below the table top. The extra drawers or close compartments can be used to keep remote controls, kids and pet toys, crafts or just about anything you want to stash away. Some compartments are open and are great for magazines and newspapers to keep the table top’s space free.


As mentioned, lift top tables can be used as a storage compartment for reducing the room’s clutter or keeping things that you want to access anytime but don’t like to be sitting around in the living room. Other than this, the table’s unique feature, that, is, its raised top can be used in various ways. It can be used like a TV tray with a larger space. You can drink coffee and have a few cookies while a watching your favorite show with the family. The raised top also provides a convenient space for working with your laptop, craft projects, playing board games, among many things.

Stand Alone Centerpiece

Lift top tables are available in various shapes and sizes not only for blending with the other furniture pieces but some of them can be stand-alone beauties as the living room’s center of attraction. The materials used vary from wood and marble to glass, which is a good pair for glass top dining tables.

Above everything else, lift top tables are made to be compact and sturdy so they can last for many years. With all their functionality and beauty, lift top coffee tables are definitely a good investment.