Safe Mildew Removal with Rubber Gloves

When attempting to tackle a mildew removal project, arming yourself with the most up to date information should be first on the list. The difference between black mold and mildew is readily apparent to a professional mold remediation expert, although it may not be easily identified the average person. It is crucial to identify which type of fungus you will be using mildew remover to kill.

You can purchase mold test kits at your local home improvement centers, they will help you to identify if you have the worst type of mold or a simple mildew problem.

Mold and mildew removal procedures will vary, depending on exactly which type you are dealing with. Stachybotrys mold also known as the dreaded black mold is the most dangerous type and should be handled very cautiously or left to the professionals. Before attempting remediation of this fungus, you must enclose the area to contain this type of mold, as it is easily introduced to the air and will spread to the other parts of your home through the air ducts.

Aspergilla mold consists of spores that will easily become airborne, causing all sorts of trouble in people who are elderly, very young children or those who have a compromised immune system. This type usually enters the body through your nose or mouth and can cause respiratory problems in your lungs.

Other types of mold and mildew removal are not as critical and will cause less harm than the stachybotrys or aspergilla types. Ordinary house hold mildew is easier to control and will usually present itself as a greenish or gray powdery substance growing on constantly damp areas, such as wall and ceilings of bathrooms.

Usually all that is necessary to keep a mildew problem in check is a mild solution of vinegar and water, mixed about 50/50 if it is simply a surface contamination issue. If the mold or mildew removal project is much larger than about 10 square feet, it may be time to call in professional help. Just remember the mold and mildew removal companies are in that business to help you as well as make money, so the initial estimate price may come as a shock. If you feel you can do a proper job during the removal of all moldy contaminated materials, sealing off the area, disposal of all soiled materials etc, maybe you should attempt it yourself. The main thing to remember during mildew and mold removal projects is to properly protect yourself and your family before, during and after the mold is gone.