Go for Gloves for Mold Cleaning

Molds can live throughout the house, especially in dank and dark places. Under sinks, bathrooms, basements, shower curtains, laundry rooms and refrigerators are all notorious places for having mold problems. How to get rid of mold is a tough problem for anyone to have to tackle.

So, a random question may be, which way to get rid of mold should you go with? There are some that would say bleach is the best but it is a harsh chemical and dangerous to breathe in. Some would say to go with mold killing spray, which does works but again is made from toxic chemicals, poisonous to the environment, unsafe for kids and pets to be around and can get expensive. One method in the fight to know how to get rid of mold is all-natural and very budget-friendly as well. Vinegar and baking soda can take care of mold issues quickly and effectively on hard surfaces. Simply spray on the vinegar, sprinkle with baking soda, wait until it stops bubbling and then scrub with a household cleaning brush. Rinse the area well with warm water. If you have more sensitive skin you may want to wear gloves to do this, vinegar isn’t toxic but it can be irritating to some individuals. You may have to repeat in some areas depending on the severity of the mold. For carpet, you can try to soak the area with vinegar and baking soda and then rub vigorously; be sure to lift the carpet and check the padding as well to see how far down the mold problem goes. This may work if it is a small area, such as a corner; if it is spread out over a large area, you may have to replace the carpet.

There is no way to eliminate all the mold out of your home, but keeping susceptible areas dry and free from standing water or dampness can go a long way in keeping it to a minimum. How to get rid of mold can be hard for any homeowner, but a simple solution of vinegar and baking soda can make it easier to combat it when it does become a problem.