A big trend this year is to turn the Christmas tree upside down

Christmas traditions can need some freshening up even for those who love Christmas. Consider trying some new Christmas trends this year to keep things interesting, but still celebrate Christmas. The following are some ideas to have fun celebrating Christmas by changing some traditions a little bit. If you want try just one or all of the ideas, the world famous Christmas-Tree-Shop can help you find the items you need to make this Christmas different from years past.

A big trend this year is to turn the Christmas tree upside down. They have been seen in stores for years, but are just beginning to be seen in homes. It is popular because the thickest part of the tree is at eye level and allows you to show off your favorite ornaments. Some love it because it’s a little twist on the classic Christmas tree. You can break tradition to be different, but still have part of the tradition intact. No matter why you choose to have an upside down Christmas tree, you should buy one quickly. Retailers run out of stock on these interesting trees early in the season. To properly display the upside down Christmas tree, you will need a ceiling mount or new tree stand to keep it secure.

Exchanging gag gifts with friends and family is another way to change tradition. Gag gifts are cheap and allows you to use your imagination which can be easier on many family’s budgets. Gag gifts can be handmade or something store bought that is silly and make the recipient smile. Some families or groups give what is sometimes called a white elephant present and a prize is awarded for the person with the most unusual or funniest gift. This is a great way to reuse unneeded things that may be lying around the house.

Many families are feeling the effects of a poor economy, so some families are helping the less fortunate during the holiday season. Instead of a family or work party, the guests will volunteer with their families at a local food bank or soup kitchen. This can, hopefully, turn into an event that can take place all year long. The joy of helping others can be greater than gift giving.

For an unforgettable holiday this year, try some new traditions. They may or may not become regular traditions to be repeated every year, but you can have fun doing them this year. To find the items you will need for both non-traditional and traditional Christmas, come to the Christmas-Tree-Shop near you.