Choosing between pre-fabricated and made-to-order wooden swings should be thought well.

Give your kids the best gift ever – outdoor wood swing sets! Parents only want the best for their kids. And by “best” we mean the safest wooden swings out there. Precious family time should not be spoiled by hapless accidents. 

Here are what to consider when looking for the safest outdoor wooden swing sets:

Ready-made vs. custom-made?
Choosing between pre-fabricated and made-to-order wooden swings should be thought well. There are swing sets for every budget.

Ready-made wooden swing sets are in every home improvement stores and hardware shops. Find one that is easy to assemble. Before buying, make sure you check the quality. Also check if the screws and other components are complete.

If you do not have the luxury of time, you can opt for custom wood wing sets. There are many swing manufacturers in every state. Be sure to coordinate with the swing maker about the size of your play area and your specifications.

Also check if your home swing set has a warranty. This is important in swing maintenance and repair.

Sturdy swing frames
Is the swing sturdy enough to endure endless running, kicking, bumping, and shaking? With the constant swinging motion, it is crucial to have your swing set anchored securely to the ground.

Wooden swing sets should also have thick beams. Go for hardwood like pine, cedar, or redwood. Another good alternative is pressure-treated lumber. To keep your swing set smooth and resistant to insect infestation, apply varnish and non-carcinogenic coating.

Safe swing set designs
If you ask your kids how they want their wood swing set to be? You will surely get requests for fancy swing designs. Safety should never be sacrificed for something fun. But a kid-proof wood set should never be boring, as well.

Invest in wooden swing sets with a flexible design. This way, you can adjust the swing’s height according to your child’s capacity.

Putting plastic stoppers or caps over screws make them secure. Rough play loosens screws and hinges. Wooden swing sets are without metal parts. Check nuts and bolts for rusts and apply oil regularly.