They have a smooth or rippled incline that your back rests against.

How many of us have, at times, used standard pillows to prop ourselves up in bed, because of a bad back, wanting to take a drink of something when we are sick, or because we want to read? For this we use a bunch of our pillows and find out that after a few minutes we slip slowly lower and lower until we almost lying down again! With a bed wedge pillow, help just might be at hand.

These great little additions to the bedding department of your home are designed to prop you up and keep you there. They have a smooth or rippled incline that your back rests against. Which one you choose will depend upon your personal preference and if you are trying to correct back aches, or not, but the basic principal is the same with either type.

With a pillow specifically designed to maintain a semi-upright position, reading your book or sitting up to watch your favorite movies can be done without the usual subsidence experienced when using standard pillows, though they are possibly less useful for pillow fights!

In truth, the longer you have one around the house, the more likely it is you would miss one of these pillows, as they tend to find more and more uses as time goes on. Suddenly one of the kids will have stolen it from the bedroom and be using it on the couch.

They can be really quite comfortable as most commonly now they are made from memory foam, which molds to the body shape very well.

Maintaining the condition of your wedge pillow is usually relatively easy, if you buy a decent quality one and cover it with a pillow case, avoiding the dirt and stains that can accumulate from regular usage. These cases can be washed in the machine with the normal load of bed linen or clothing.