Plastic storage boxes allow your food to stay fresher for longer.

Food storage is a crucial factor in the health and welfare of your family. The way you store food, and the way you choose what to throw away and what to keep will often decide how healthy your family is. This is especially important for children who have more sensitive stomachs to food that is no longer fresh. Choosing the storage containers can help ensure the safety of your food. With plastic food storage containers, keeping your food fresh for longer periods of time can be easier, and you can stop worrying about the quality of what your family is eating out of your fridge or pantry.

Plastic storage boxes allow your food to stay fresher for longer. Most plastic storage boxes have lids that allow you to seal them tightly so that air and moisture does not get into the container. Before you purchase new plastic food storage containers, you may want to check the ones your currently have in your kitchen first. What you will want to find is BPA free plastic, or plastic containers that do not contain Bisphenol A, which is harmful for children. Take your plastic containers as well as water bottles and baby bottles and check out the bottom of each container. Under each container you will find a triangle shape that stands for recycling, and inside this triangle you will find a number. If the number that you see is any number from 1 to 5, then these are BPA free. If they have the numbers 6 or 7 on them, you will want to throw these away because they have BPA and will be unsafe.

If you are purchasing new plastic food storage containers, remember to look for BPA free plastic containers as well. It is also best that you buy rectangular containers. Rectangular plastic food storage containers are able to stand upright in a fridge, and, as opposed to round containers, save more space inside a fridge as well. If you want more value for your money, you may also choose to buy decorative storage boxes to brighten up your fridge.