there's always room for a pink rug

If you were given a pink rug would you immediately know where to put it? Say you like pink but it would not be counted as your favorite, how can you make this rug work together with the rest of the existing elements in your home? Can you make it work?

Any colored rug can work well enough for certain areas of the house as long as you choose these areas correctly, you add on things that will complement the rug, and you should consider the features of the rug as well.

Know Your Rug

First is to identify the kind of pink colored rug you have. How strong is its color, is it a light shade of pink or a screaming one? Is it a rug fit for a door step or can it be made to cover a larger space and be used as an area rug? Does it have prints? If it does, what colors are these prints?

Consider Pink-friendly Colors

From the strength of the rug’s color you try to determine the colors that can match or go with it. If it is a bright area rug then you may try using it for your living room to complement your furniture especially if your furniture are in a neutral color. The pink will surely give this area life and some spark to it. To continue the pink theme you could put accent pillows that are also pink.

A printed pink rug can also be easy to work with. You can use the other colors of the prints in the rug as accent colors that will make the rug look more appropriate for the area. A better way to do this is to place the pink colored rug in an area where those accent colors on the print can already be found.

A pink colored rug would also look great on the foot of a white bed for a girl’s room. If it is a pink in a shade that is nearer to red then it would be a lot easier to work with. This color can also look elegant because it is not as bright as lighter pinks. This would look great for the living room or common rooms with conversation area.

Draw Attention

Even in clothes pink is a color that can draw attention. It is said that if you are about to speak in front of a crowd, try to wear pink so the crowd’s attention will always be on you when you are speaking. The same thing can apply in your home. if you are having friends over and there is a certain area of the room you would like to highlight try placing the pink colored rug there so that area will easily be noticed.

It could really be fun to experiment with pink rugs and use it around the house both in usual and unusual areas. When we are given something unusual, we always have to find clever ways to make the most of these things even if they are as unique and loud as pink rugs.