A coffee canister also makes an air tight food storage containers.

Coffee drinkers usually purchase their coffee grounds or beans in canisters from the store. Once these canisters are empty they are often thrown in the trash or recycled. However, these empty canisters can be reused within the home as useful storage containers. There are many creative and practical uses for these containers. The following are several suggestions on how to use coffee canisters around the home:

Children’s Toy Storage: After rinsing and drying the canister, the exterior can be covered with an attractive adhesive shelf-liner paper. Or, the canister may be covered with other decorative papers or wrapping paper and glue. It will then make a wonderful storage container for children’s small toys such as puzzle pieces, Lego pieces, toy cars, marbles, blocks or doll accessories. This could turn into a fun arts and crafts project to do with your children. The child can choose the paper to match their room decor or to hint at the contents. Children like the freedom to personalize and participate in organizing their room.

Food Storage: A coffee canister also makes an air tight food storage containers. The plastic lids on these recycled kitchen canisters will help keep the food content fresh. These containers can be covered with adhesive paper to match your kitchen colors. These canisters are useful for storing flour, sugar, beans, nuts, cookies, pasta and even dog biscuits. Three to five cans can be covered in matching paper and placed together on the kitchen counter or shelf. Besides providing an attractive kitchen element, they are also very functional. Without the lid attached, these canisters can also be used to hold utensils or drinking straws for easy access.

Gift Container: These canisters also make a special container to hold holiday and birthday gifts. The contents are left up to your imagination.

There are numerous uses for coffee containers. It is fun to use your imagination and think of all kinds of creative ways to use the canisters.