Kitchen Remodeling

Painting a room is one of the simplest but most effective home improvements. A new color scheme can entirely change the look and feel of a room. Paint can also be used to achieve a certain style in a room when paired with furnishing, accessories, and other design home improvements. Phoenix kitchen remodeling designers often create a desert style in kitchens, and they state that choosing the right paint colors makes all the difference.

Some people see the desert as an austere and barren place, but it is also full of grand rock formations, warm colors, and whimsical plant forms. Phoenix kitchen remodeling experts state that paint can be used to create a desert style look in kitchens because it can provide a warm background color much like that of the desert landscape. This idea is also used in Phoenix bathroom remodel projects, but is really effective in kitchens because they are high traffic areas where people spend a lot of time. Since it is a space that is used often, it is important to make it a warm and inviting space.

Phoenix kitchen remodeling experts first suggest that homeowners use a mid-range paint color on their kitchen walls. It is best to avoid colors that are too intense as they can take away from the architectural design of the kitchen. Choosing colors from the middle of a paint card is best, according to Phoenix kitchen remodeling designers, because this is where you will find colors that have a warmer tone.

To get a beautiful desert style look in your home, Phoenix kitchen remodeling officials suggest using colors like Sonora Desert, Topaz, and other colors with yellow or beige hues. Sonora Desert is a popular choice. It is a beige color with subtle hints of taupe throughout. Phoenix kitchen remodeling experts often suggest it because it gives a warm, glowing look to kitchens.

Topaz is another great color to use if you want to achieve a desert style kitchen. It is a composed of rich yellow and beige colors which blend into a lovely hue that is greatly reminiscent of desert landscape colors. For homeowners who prefer a darker color, Phoenix kitchen remodeling designers suggest goldenrod. It can be used as an accent paint color or as a primary wall color depending on the colors of your cabinetry and other kitchen elements.

Phoenix kitchen remodeling contractors state that you do not have to limit yourself to using browns, beiges, and yellows in your desert style deserts. They also suggest uses a more vibrant color as an accent. For example, Autumn Fire is a really popular color that works well in desert style designs. While it is a more vibrant color, it also has a warmth and depth, pulling from autumnal colors.