Interlocking Carpet Squares

While traditional rolled carpeting can still be found in many homes today, the introduction of interlocking carpet squares have revolutionized the way carpet is being installed. Rather than toting and unrolling yards of bulky, heavy rolls, installers and homeowners have a much easier time installing carpet by putting down carpet squares in a piece by piece fashion like a puzzle.

Installing squares now resembles the processes used for placing interlocking laminates and tiles. The end result looks just like that of the traditional rolled carpet. It’s become faster and easier to put in because most of the measuring and cutting operation has been removed from the process.

The most important factor to consider when comparing rolled carpet with carpet squares is, of course, the price. While individual squares will cost more than carpet purchased in rolls, there are now many online resources, as well as local retailers, who can provide squares to consumers at a fraction of their regular price. The resulting cost savings places their overall cost, which includes installation, on a par with traditional carpeting.

Another cost saving factor is the fact that when consumers purchase squares, they get a more exact amount based more closely to an area’s square footage. Many traditional carpet buyers have to order far too much material, not only because of roll sizes, but also because it’s necessary to have some surplus material in case there’s an installation problem. Squares can be ordered much more closely to the exact specifications that are necessary.

Considering this benefit, it’s logical that retailers don’t need to buy excessive inventory and then store it for longer period of time. Though interlocking carpet can be more expensive to buy, the aforementioned benefits make it worth consideration. Many builders and homeowners view the easy installation of carpet squares as a motivating factor in their choice of squares over traditional rolls. Simply inserting smaller pieces together is a much easier process than having to deal with manipulating a bulky roll that will inevitably bulge and wrinkle; not to mention the stretching process!

Carpet squares are also utilized in more confined areas of the house such as in closets, where measurements can be difficult to take and rolls hard to install. The unique designs that are possible to achieve with interlocking squares allow homeowners to achieve a professional looking pattern easily, and without the services of an interior designer.

If you’re planning to start a new flooring project, consider using interlocking carpet squares. With the benefits of convenience, design and cost, it’s easy to see why many people are opting for this more modern technique for floor carpeting.