Remember to turn off the electricity to a circuit or appliance that you’ll be working on.

Working with electrical systems can cause injuries or death if you fail to take the necessary safety precautions. First and foremost, you need to think like the professional electricians when it comes to safety consciousness. Practice safety and never hurry through an electrical project. Haste creates better opportunities for accidents to occur.

Remember to turn off the electricity to a circuit or appliance that you’ll be working on. This is the very first thing you must do before beginning any electrical work. No one on record has ever been shocked by a circuit that has no electricity running in it. Never assume that the electricity is turned off. After turning off the power, develop the good habit of always checking the connection with a tester that the power is indeed off.

Ladders are necessary equipment in many electrical works. Never use an aluminum ladder that can act as a conductor for electricity. Instead, use an insulated fiberglass ladder to ensure your safety.

If possible, avoid doing electrical work in wet areas. If you must, then wear rubber gloves and boots to lower the chances of being shocked. Appliances and tools should be properly grounded in GFCI outlets or GFCI extension cables.

Never plug or unplug electrical devices with wet hands. Electricity can arc into your wet hand and give you a strong jolt. Be sure to dry your hands before grabbing any live cord.

If you need to work on the electrical service panel or a circuit, stick a warning label at the front of the panel where everyone can see it. This will help inform people in your house not to switch on the power on the circuit you’re working on. Nothing can be more shocking than proceeding to work on a circuit you are sure has been turned off, only to find too late that it has been switched back on at the other end.

No matter how small the electrical problem you will be dealing with, it is highly advised that you allow trained electrical professionals, like a Los Angeles electrician or San Diego electrician, to the job for you instead of assuming the job that you are unsure you can accomplish on your own.