Sliding glass door locks do exist but they can be quite easy to break.

Glass doors that slide are not a common choice when it comes to the entry options that most people choose to utilize for their home. A lot of people however are finding that the doors are easy to open and add an air of sophistication to their home with the glass look. The transparency of glass is an interesting feature, especially if you have a nice view in your yard to look at.

One of the problems with glass doors is the security they fail to provide. Glass doors can be easily broken into because of how fragile glass is and the lack of strong locks on most glass doors. Sliding glass door locks do exist but they can be quite easy to break. You may wish to find other options that guard the entrance to your home.

Safety Choices

You can opt to get locks that need keys from the outside. This makes it harder to get into the home. Deadbolts are also a good choice and one of the strongest preventive measures to take when considering locks. Substitution bars are a good choice if you want to make your home safer. Such bars are extremely durable and very hard to break.

Where to Put Sliding Glass Door Locks

The location of glass sliding door locks is of course up to you. One of the more common options is for the the lock to be located at the bottom of the door, since it is harder to see. Some options attach to the frame, but this is not very popular because it does not look nearly as good.

Final Thoughts

Sliding glass door locks are a necessity guarding your house. Glass doors are a fantastic choice for style and aesthetics but they are a beacon for prowlers and potential robbers up to no good.