Sheepskin rugs are compatible with different home designs

Isn’t it great how some things go great with almost everything else? Cardigans, for example match with corporate attires and make you look professional when at work in the office while providing you warmth. However, cardigans also work with casual wear, perhaps a white tank top, cut-off short jeans, and a pair of Chuck Taylors to make you look sexy and approachable when on the prowl. I just love cardigans! (Love me, love me, say that you love me :p)

This is the reason why I have such an affinity for sheepskin rugs. I do interior decorating in my spare for friends and family so I have seen the practical use of sheepskin rugs and how they look fabulous in houses from both ends of the design spectrum. Perhaps you’d find it applicable in your house too.

Why Rugs Sheepskin Made Work

There is a wave of philosophy among interior designers today that basically favors the fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal over just one or the other. Sheepskin throw rugs are different from other rugs in the market with regard to its texture because its wooly appearance gives off an impression that it is comfortable. Stepping on sheepskin rugs would prove appearances to be convincing and most people would say that the look and feeling is similar to stepping on clouds.

Visually, real sheepskin rugs or even those of faux versions would work with most any motif or house setting because of its white or off-white color. Imagine other patterned rugs, perhaps cowhide rugs or contemporary are rugs colored purple, and situate it in modern lofts or wood-cabin-colonialist themed rooms: do they jive? Conversely, think of any room whatsoever that would not match a white or off-white sheepskin rug. I’m an interior decorator and I can’t.

Sheepskin rugs also have disadvantages

Disadvantages of Faux Sheepskin Rugs

Still, there is nothing in this world that is perfect in all aspects. Sheepskin rugs, despite being what it is, tend to be messy especially when walked around on vigorously by people because of its same wooly texture. Unlike smooth cowhide rugs, strands of sheep wool may get dislodged and prove harmful to people with severely sensitive constitutions. That’s why I don’t recommend extra large sheepskin rugs for houses with young children or elderly individuals.

Stains can also prove to be a disadvantage in that it is hard to take or buff out of wholesale sheepskin rugs. If you think about it, stains are difficult to take out of almost anything made of fabric. The difference with this product is that the act of taking out the stain from the wool by scrubbing or using cleaning agents would most probably destroy the fabric.

Things to Remember About Sheepskin Rugs for Sale

There is a Yin and Yang to using Sheepskin area rugs. You must remember to be careful around them, because any little stain such as red wine droplets would be enough to mark the rug forever. Although this reminder is applicable to all kinds of rugs, it hold true most especially for sheepskin rugs because of its white or off-white color.

However, sheepskin rugs are very compatible with almost any home motif. There is a greater probability that sheepskin rugs would look good in your living space, so you should probably get your own today. I recommend Long Wool Sheepskin Rug – Eclipse from Amazon, made from meticulously cut, matched, and stitched 100% sheepskin. It costs around $300+ but it is 6 x 7.5 ft. and is made from New Zealand.