you can have a canopy bed that is unique and original according to your style

From the looks of the canopy bed alone you would think that it would take a great deal of money to afford a bed like that. In the first place, the design of the canopy bed was inspired by the beds in the royal chambers from long ago. But this is not a reason for you to let go of wanting a canopy bed of your own.


If you want a canopy bed, first you have to understand the elements that make up this bed. Structurally, the bed alone can either be a four-post bed, it can have a simple headboard, or it can have none at all. The main attraction of the canopy bed is the curtains that drape down on the sides of the bed.

Elements of the Canopy Bed

The curtains are the elements responsible for opening up the bed giving it a tent like feel although the bed is not enclosed entirely. This makes the bed look inviting. The curtains give the bed a theatrical and dramatic feel, highlighting the bed as the focal point of the room.

Knowing that the curtains on the canopy beds are the main elements, don’t you think having a canopy bed is easy and attainable, more importantly, affordable? If you want a canopy bed but you can’t afford the entire bed, then why don’t you just make a canopy over your existing bed to get the same feel and experience in your bedroom?

Creating canopy beds is as easy as installing curtains on bare windows. Just remember that these curtains are not used like the ones on the windows. They are not hung on a rod. They are usually stationary and they are not usually dragged around the bed as an enclosure.

Start with Fabric

You can start your canopy bed project by choosing the right fabric. The kind of fabric you choose will depend on how you would like the fabric to flow and fall. Ask for fabrics with different textures and weights. Experiment with them so you can find the right one for your bed. Something between heavily dramatic and light and floating can be a good fabric.

Plan the Look

The next step is to determine how you will position these fabrics. You can go for a simple flow with not a s many folds. You can choose a look where in the fabric is simply hung and allowed to fall and held together to look like a curtain. To add more drama, you can go for skirting, using hooks to hold the look.

To secure the fabric, you may even put hooks on the bed itself to keep the fabrics in place. On the other hand, if you want a flowing type of canopy then you can go simply let the fabric go and allow it to fall naturally.

The canopy beds are only expensive if you think that you can only have it by buying. Making it yourself is always an option. The canopy beds exemplify creativity and finding creative ways to have this kind of bed can sometimes be better than having to spend for it.