The manufacturer strictly controls how much these units are sold for.

A few weeks back I was looking at high-end model homes in an upscale neighborhood and observed a unit that had a subzero refrigerator installed. This got me thinking about sub zero refrigerator prices and whether I could possibly afford one of these units for my own home.

Knowing that the house I had been looking at was out of my price range, I expected that subzero prices would likewise be too rich for my blood. I hit the Internet and started looking around but was unable to find any clear information on exactly how much these devices cost.

Our research turned up the fact that in order to obtain subzero prices you pretty much have to visit a subzero authorized dealer. The manufacturer strictly controls how much these units are sold for, these make a very difficult to obtain any sort of discount – let alone to shop around.

The particular model I was looking at was the subzero Pro 48, from what I’ve gathered these refrigerators are extremely expensive and can cost more than some cars. Unsurprisingly this is way more than I’m willing to pay for any type of home appliance, so I swiftly put my dreams of owning a subzero refrigerator freezer on hold.

I did ask a dealer for some information on some of their small subzero mini fridges and received some equally scary results. The sub zero refrigerator prices for these small fridges were a lot less, but they were still well out of my price range.

Of the dallying in fantasyland for a little while I decided it was time to return to Sears and purchase a more normal fridge freezer. I ended up purchasing a nice high-end Kenmore refrigerator freezer for around $1500.

Is my new refrigerator is nice is a subzero model? No of course not, but it was a lot more affordable.